George Grover Review


As many other people stated, George Grover sells you cheap crap and convinces you that what he’s trying to sell you is a great deal and even if you don’t decide you want to keep it you could sell it and make triple your money. When you actually look up the products he sold you, it has very poor rating and don’t go for nearly as high as he sold them to you for. He took me for $700 knowing that was the last cash I have and try to convince me I could sell the products and triple my money. He even went so far to show me how much they were going on eBay which appeared to be a fake website he was showing me. His scheme basically was rolling up to me at a bank as I was walking in, telling me he has very expensive products with the manufacturer’s retail price on the boxes and tells me that me buying that would be a great deal and he only has a few left for my job. Beware of this guy. .

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