Georgia Thomas – Hyattsville, Maryland Maryland


So obviously it takes two to tango and not just one person is to blame in what happened. However, this woman knew from day one that he was married with children and that didn’t stop this wh*re. Anyone that is willing to insert themselves into someone else’s marriage is a disgusting human being. No marriage is perfect, we’ve had our fair share of problems. I’m not trying to play the innocent victim here. I have done some messed up stuff in the 21 years that we have been together but we always work through our stuff because we love each other so much. So, one night as I was dozing off something told me to look through my husbands phone and when I did it completely turned my world upside down. High school sweethearts, 21 years together, 3 amazing children and I’m finding out that he had been having an affair. || My husband had always been a very loyal and honest person until this other person came into his life. She turned him into someone I didn’t know anymore. At first it started out as talking, apparently he liked having someone to talk to. But she pushed for more. He told me that he was so upset about what he was doing to me that he cried when he had any physical activity with her. She wouldn’t allow him to call me his wife, when he spoke of me I had to be called”the roommate”. He told her from the beginning and continuously through out the affair that he would never leave me. (She confirmed this for me) I’m sure she hoped in time that she could change his mind. || I had been put through months of hell and I finally told him that I am not doing this anymore. I signed up for a dating website and started talking to someone. He finally broke things off with her after he realized that he was really losing me. I went on a date one night while he was sat at home with the kids, he got to feel the pain that I had been feeling for months and it finally opened his eyes. But of course she couldn’t accept that. She still tries to get in touch with him. She knows that her number is blocked so she calls from different numbers. I finally told him that if he answers any of her calls that I am done. I’m not playing these games anymore. I sent her a text telling her that he made his choice, so she needs to leave him alone & that she’s 40 years old for gods sake, she needs to stop acting like a love sick teenager.

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