Gerald N. Silver Northridge California


Complaint: Gerald “Jerry”” N. Silver filed a false and a fraudulent lawsuit on behalf of his client in Los Angeles Superior Court case number PC044638 (originally case number 08A08206). And Silver lied to the judge by saying that he wouldn’t waste the court’s time if he did not believe that his client was licensed. (the client had already admitted through discovery that he did not have a valid contractor’s license) Gerald “”Jerry”” N. Silver was later sued for malicious prosecution. Los Angeles Superior Court case number BC465240. It was during that case when Mr. Silver made-up a fake story and made-up a fake letter and presented this to the court. Mr. Silver thought he could get away with his scheme because the man he wrote the letter to was in fact dying and therefore could not testify. But at trial the dying man’s wife blew open Mr. Silver’s fake story and fake letter.The trial court judge wrote: “”The court finds that Silver’s conduct was reprehensible. As a member of the bar and an officer of the court

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Address: Silver had an ethical obligation to file a truthful and non-fraudulent pleading”” “”The court finds that Silver prosecuted the fraudulent inducement claim in the underlying action with malice and without probable cause.”””


Phone: 7100 Hayvenhurst Ave Van Nuys, California USA

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