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Disappointing Really

I had heard a lot of great things about Gibson Capital. However, they are not what they seem to be. Gibson Capital has been quite disappointing for me recently. Their advisors had promised me to deliver me great returns but failed to do so. These people are a bunch of liars who make false claims about their expertise. You shouldnít trust Gibson Capital or anyone affiliated with this firm. If I had known how misleading these people are, I wouldnít have hired them in the first place. There are plenty of financial advisors in the market, no one needs to hire this firm. 

When I initially started working with these people, I was quite excited. The people from this company made all kinds of promises to me. They made me think I would achieve my financial goals quite quickly and with much less effort. The people at this firm are excellent at sweet-talking clients into believing what they want them to believe. When youíd talk to one of their advisors, youíd start thinking that they really have your best interests in mind when they discuss anything. However, thatís all an illusion.

I believe these financial advisors are quite incompetent and donít have the necessary skills to help clients. They are not good at giving financial advice. What they are good at is deception. They will make you think that the poor returns you are getting are exceptional and the best possible. In my opinion, it is totally unethical and a financial advisor shouldnít deceive his or her clients like this. They should remain open and honest with their clients regarding all matters which they donít!

The returns I have gotten on their recommended investments have been hugely disappointing. It was a humongous mistake to trust the advisors at Gibson Capital. 

In the beginning, I thought the pandemic was responsible for their disappointing returns I was getting on my investments. Thatís why I didnít say anything. However, after seeing how some of my friends were getting excellent returns on their investments, I realised that I could have made such returns as well. When I discussed this matter with my advisors at Gibson Capital, they ignored it altogether. No one at this firm even acknowledged my complaint. Itís almost as if those people are allergic to client complaints. And it made me realise that working with this firm was only a waste of my time and money.

No one should have to spend such a long time and pay a lot of fees to discover such a fact. When others succeeded in earning good returns on their investments why did the advisors at Gibson Capital fail to do so? Either they are incompetent and donít know anything about finance or they are too careless. In both cases, itís the client who suffers. The only party who benefitted from my poor financial returns was Gibson Capital. They were getting paid no matter how much money I made. 

Gibson Capital Review: Conclusion

In the conclusion of my Gibson Capital Review, I would recommend people to avoid doing business with this company. You shouldnít waste your money on such a pathetic financial advisory firm. There are plenty options in the market who would offer much better returns. Gibson Capital has sweet-talking financial advisors who only care about making money, not helping clients make money. They are self-centred people who are very incompetent. Because of these reasons, I think it would be best to avoid them altogether. 

Help Me File a FINRA Complaint

If possible, I will go to FINRA and file a complaint there against these people for their mismanagement of my funds. However, I donít know how I can file a complaint there. The process seems quite difficult. Itís a big reason why I have shared my complaint here. I have noticed that you share FINRA complaints on your platform. If any of you people know how to file a complaint on FINRA, can you help me file my complaint there? A FINRA complaint against Gibson Capital might help me get some compensation for the way they have handled my funds. I donít know if FINRA handles such cases or not. If they do, filing a complaint might help. 

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