Gilbert Martinez, Arbor Care south pasadena California Review


This man presents himself to your front door, with a business card stating Arbor Care, Palm Tree Specialist. He presents himself as very knowledgable about trees and lawns. His knowledge leads you to believe he is credible. The cost is very reasonable, however he continues to find more things that need to be done. His invoice provides a bogus address (handwritten on the invoice not on his business card) and his cell number 559 270 2049 is not operational. nHis work was to be deep root feeding and antifungal treatment for the palms. He says he will “prepare”” the soil for his guys

which he does by using a tool to water the plants roots. However

you never see any other materials used to “”treat”” the trees. nHe also wants as much “”cash”” as you can provide and will discount his services. Thankfully I only gave him $200. I did an online search and found two fraud reports and immediately cancelled my check. nApparently he has three warrants out for grand theft. Do not do business with this guy as he is a first class con artist. nLoisnsouth pasadena


1385 Hillview Drive, Pasadena, California U.S.A.

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