Gilileo Roofing of Lakeland, Inc. Lakeland Florida


Complaint: This contractor had installed a new roof and done other repairs for us through the years. In June we contracted his company to install new skylights and make other repairs to our roof. This work was completed and a 3 year warranty was issued for the roof. We also decided to have our house painted and this was done to our satisfaction in a timely fashion. A check was made of the north bedroom and mold was discovered in the closet and the north wall. Michael sent two men to work on this and they said it would be completed in several days. He asked my mother to write a check for $775 to enable him to buy materials for the job.After the wall and cloest were mudded and sanded the men promised to return and finish the job. It has been over a month since they started the work and our clothes are piled on the bed and the furniture is out of place. We have tried numerous times to call Gilileo and he never returns our calls. My Mom did manage to reach him August 5 and he promised to come over the next week and finish it. To add insult to injury the roof over the porch is now leaking due to the heavy rains in this area. This contractor is guilty of nonperformanc and for defrauding an elderly person per Florida statutes.

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Address: 1705 Athens Court Lakeland, Florida USA

Website: 2639 Newport Ave.

Phone: 863-686-7169

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