Gillece Plumbing and Heating Services Pennsylvania Review


We called Gillece to have out drain unclogged as it was overflowing into our basement. Jim Hackwelder the salesman arrived, couldn’t unclog the drain, and told us we needed a new sewer trap for thousands of dollars. Well, we ended up calling another plumber who unclogged the drain for $130 and it works just fine. They don’t charge per hour, they charge based on projects. Considering there were no problems with our sewer trap, we would of been ripped off out of thousands of dollars if we would of listened to him. They also have an in-house lawyer because of all of their law suits. They fired their last lawyer because they lost too many lawsuits so they hired a new one. What kind of honest quality work company needs to hire a full time lawyer??? Don’t sign anything as they will tell you all sorts of things are wrong with whatever the check. Spend the extra $50 and go with an honest plumbing company who’s reputation actually means something.

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania United States of America

(412) 831-6199


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