Gina Plyant Walker – Choudrant, Louisisana Louisiana


Attempted homewrecker!!! Gina Plyant Walker used her son to try to steal my husband. Her and my husband dated 15 years ago. After they split up, he heard that she was pregnant and tried to find out if the child was his. But instead of telling the truth, she sent the married man that was paying her bills in exchange for sex, to tell James that the child was not his and if he contacted her again charges would be filed, did I mention this married man was a detective? 15 years later after her husband left her and her parents passed away, she moved back to town asking for money from jams to help support his child. The same child that she claimed was not his. She would not allow for his wife of 13 years near her or her son, and used the child to attempt to get James to start a life with her. After one visit, to see his son, and after Gina passed around a lot of pills (yes he should not have taken them), they had sex. He immediately left and told her the next day that it was a mistake and that he loved his wife and family. Her response was to not allow for James to see the child anymore. James is only allowed around the child if he will be with her. She wanted his good pay check and house and land, even bragged about putting his wife and 3 children on the street so that she could live in the house. Too lazy to work for something, she would rather take from someone else. My husband and I are trying to repair our marriage, but she is still out there keeping the child away.

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