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Poor Returns on Investments

Glassman Wealth Services is a wealth management firm based in Virginia. They claim to focus on their clientsí financial success but they lack the skill to deliver. My experience with these financial planners has been quite disappointing. While everyone else was making great profits, I was getting poor returns all because of the incompetence of these people. Financial planners are supposed to help you make better financial decisions but I donít see that happening here. No, they donít focus on helping you thrive. I think they judge investments according to the commission percentage they are going to make. 

If I had the option to leave their services, I wouldíve left them months ago. Their financial advisors remain ignorant of the recent developments and usually act as if they donít care. I think this is really unprofessional and the leadership at Glassman Wealth Services should take action. But those people have been disappointing too. 

Glassman claims to offer uncommon financial expertise to clients. Their advice is really uncommon because many inexperienced financial advisors offer much better advice than them. Youíd rarely get good financial advice from the advisors at Glassman Wealth Services. Believe me, Iím speaking from experience. It took me a long time to figure out that most of what these people were telling me to do was outright bad. They are selfish and only care about their interests, not their clientsí. This is a huge red flag and ever since I made this discovery, I have been very disgruntled with these people. In fact Iím even thinking of approaching FINRA against this firm. However, I donít know how to go about that process and whether Iíd be able to do that anonymously or not. 

If youíre looking to hire financial advisors then please remain skeptical. Donít trust them blindly. They might be experts and have all the credentials out there but that doesnít necessarily mean that they have your best interests at heart. Itís possible that they might take advantage of you. I recommend learning about finance and becoming proficient in investing yourself. That has helped me more than trusting the people at Glassman Wealth Services. I know that not everyone has the time and resources to invest themselves. Thatís why Iím writing this review. I hope people who require financial advisory services would at least know that they shouldnít hire this specific firm. 

The biggest reason why I donít recommend these people is because they deliver:

Terrible Results

I have received very disappointing returns from the investments these people recommended me. If I had known that they would offer such poor results, I wouldn’t have paid them this much. Glassman Wealth Services is highly expensive and considering how poor their advice is, I donít think they are worth the money. WIth that kind of money, you can easily hire a much proficient and skilled group of financial experts. There are many financial planners in Virginia, Glassman isnít the only one out there. Still, it would be more beneficial to avoid the risk of financial planners altogether. My experience has taught me that they arenít necessarily ethical people and they donít care about you as much as they care about their commission. 

Many people have received astounding returns on their investments during the pandemic. Some of the friends made better profits with much smaller advisory firms. So imagine how I would have felt when I found that out. They were making more profits with more inexperienced finance professionals. While I was getting terrible returns while paying some of the highest commissions and fees to my financial advisors. 

Glassman Wealth Service Review: Conclusion

If youíve read my entire review, you probably know what Iím going to say here. I donít recommend doing business with Glassman Wealth Services. Those people are selfish and greedy. They are incomptetent and donít remain updated with the recent industry developments. Many smaller financial advisory firms have performed better than these expensive planners. My experience has been quite painful and I donít think anyone should waste their money by doing business with these people. 

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