Glenda Roldan – Eagle Rock, California California


This is Glenda Roldan who is a former student of my friends husband. She knew he was married and still decided to pursue him. She had been sending my friends husband a picture of her butt in short shorts basically underwear. So they carried on this affair for awhile. There were even texts from her telling my friends husband how she couldnít wait til they could be together instead of separate. She is supposedly a nurse. I am here posting because my friend has invested 15 years with her husband and her husband is to blame as well but my friend is honestly the most compassionate and really the nicest person you could ever meet. Iím really upset that she has to deal with this crap, and this Glenda was fully aware of the fact he was married. She has no self respect and on top of that no morals or values to do what she did. Iím not sure if my friends husband is still in contact with her or not. Iím just here wanting some justice for my friend who has been completely devastated by this.

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