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Global Asset Management provided me with a 2 page letter indicting I was a confirmed winner and needed to send $20.00 and sign a form indicating I was a verified candidate for all the monies and prizes listed above. Equaling $1,141,530.00. At the beginning of the week I received a phone call from a very pushy woman reading from a script That I women another huge amount of money and I won a trip. I was not intristed in providing my information or money to this person and she then transferred me to a supervisor who tried to do the same thing. Finally he entered me in a contest he said which was no purchase necessary. All of this I have put together has taken place after I entered a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes a month or so before. I have also received two checks from a company called Financial Reporting Services in the amount of $15,751.00 & $2,820,000.00 . Again they asked for me to send in $20.00 in to confirm my funds From Benjamin James, Accounts Payable Office. beware and check your facts before you send anyone your info or are asked to send money to get money you won!

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