Global Cash Card, Inc.


Yes I have filled two disputes in the amounts of $120 and $160 that were made while I sleep and am at work. The company disabled my card and issued another card. That was helpful, however when it comes to actually providing a provisional credit they said I’d be better off calling the ATM owners themselves, so I called cashpoints and bank of america who in turn replied that’s my card companies responsibility to provide refunds. However global cash card keeps giving me the run around operating outside the FDIC guidelines as a lone wolf type of company highly dangerous and a risk to every American citizen and American financial institution. I’ve also called Pacific western bank and day after day of being on hold for up to 4-6 hrs a day I find that repulsive. In no way shape or form should you trust this bank or card service with any of your finances. I’ve gone hungry starving because they won’t help in any way shape or form.

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