Global Eye Glasses Buffalo New York Review


This company sends out a lot of e-mail promotions. I finally replied to one offering $1 prescription eyeglasses, buy 1 get 1 free. The lenses I needed were $7 more, but $8 for a pair of reading glasses isn’t bad, and 2 for the price of one convinced me to buy. The freight was $5.95, but it still seemed like a good deal with the second free pair.I did receive the order, and the quality of the first pair was fine, but the free pair wasn’t in the box. The company didn’t respond to my e-mail, and their customer service phone number was answered by a computer that put me on hold for several minutes and then hung up on me. After the fourth try I found their ‘live chat’ support: The operator was gruff with me, stating that the offer was no longer in effect. I pointed out that I ordered on the same day the offer was e-mailed to me, and so he said that the offers only apply to frames, not lenses, that the offer doesn’t apply to $1 frames anyway, and that all he could do was give me a 5% discount.I cut and pasted from the original e-mail offer to show him what it said, “Clearance

$1 glasses

1 + 1 free.”” He said that if I didn’t want the 5% discount he couldn’t help me

and then he ended the chat without saying goodbye. I will definitely not be dealing with this company again. Their promotions are deceptive

and the customer service is terrible.”

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