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Unfortunately this saga begins in July when we first called for service when the central air-conditioning unit wasn’t working. When we called to make a claim Global said they would get back to us when they found a contractor who could come out to our home, after 3 days of waiting for a return phone call, I called back to find out the status. They informed me they hadn’t found a contractor yet, so we went ahead a called one ourselves, which they said we could do, but not until after 3 days of waiting and no phone call. Our contractor was able to get the unit working again and we never submitted a receipt to them. Then again in August the unit went down again, which we knew it would because of the information our contractor gave us. It is a 32 year old system and eventually wouldn’t be able to be serviced. The parts would no longer be available for repairs. So I started the process again of filing claim ( 2) We again waited for a phone call from the contractor Global uses to come out and look at the system. I called back on 9-14-16 two week after I hadn’t heard anything and they finally gave me the of “Martin’s mechanical” located in Philadelphia (215-728-1928) after not being able to find anything out about this “Martin’s mechanical” which had no web site, no real business profile anywhere we could find, we called Horizon services and had them come out to check the unit and give us an estimate on a new one which they did and we submitted it to Global . When we spoke to Global again to inquire about the estimate they said we must use there contractor so we called on 9-29-16 to set up an appointment and the gal who set it up said “Oh we can have someone out next Wednesday which would be October 5th. We said fine. So I took off from work only to not have them show up between 10 am and 1 pm. The time frame they were supposed to arrive. So I lost a whole day off from work for nothing. Then when my husband called to ask what happened the gal stuttered and said oh that was my fault, oh I’m sorry. Oh no wait I have you scheduled for the 19th of October. ( The 5th sounds nothing like the 19th) On the 18th I tried calling Martin’s mechanical to confirm the appointment for the 19th I could not get thru to them on the phone, it went right to a cell phone number and said its mailbox was full. Immediately i called Global to see if they could get in touch with them after all its their contractor, I got nothing at all from them what to do or how to proceed. Nothing but aggravation and arguements with Global about the situation. Not even believing they didn’t have an alternate to be able to reach them. finally they called back to confirm. So after waiting another 2 weeks til the 19th and take more time off from work to be at the house. The technician Eric B came out and inspected the unit and took pictures of it and said to my husband its a very old unit and it more than likely its shot. He didn’t even think parts would be obtainable for repairs but the warranty company will want him to check for gas leaks. Of course it has gas leaks it unrepairable at this point, so why even bother with the test. Its just a waste of time and more money going to the contractor that could be used to settle the claim. Leaving me to believe they are in this scam together. I was never looking for them to pay for a full replacement of the system, and agreed that Horizon’s price was high, but they are intentionally avoiding me and not taking my calls. We now have had 2 companies say the unit is dead. I’m doing all the work, taking off from my job, making all the phone calls, contacting everyone I can at Global, I mean everyone. I have documented dates and names of everyone I spoken to at this horrible warranty company (supervisor’s included) I’m sure they just wish I would go away and since we live in 2 different states, they think they can get away with it. They had no problem cashing my checks for the past two years, now I have a problem and they are just plain ignoring me.

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