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Complaint: This company contacted us to sell our Timeshare. We hesitated but they faxed us detailed documents and put us in touch with another company called DJR Holdings. At first we told them that we did not want to put up any funds. They said no problem and that they already would have a buyer. Mary Ann/Gloria contacted us from DJR Holdings assuring us they were legit and sent us documentation. We checked their websites and all seemed fine and professional. They told us we had a deal in place and that closing would be February 2013. We received a call saying that because our Timeshare was in Mexico they needed to send a representative to close the deal. We then received another call that they needed money because of the Mexican government needing to have their taxes paid up front. THey made this offer sound really great because they (GRE) would pay the bigger amount up front and they insured us that we would get all these funds back. We wired them the money. We then received another request from DJR saying that they could close early Feb 1, 2013 and the money would be wired into our account, but they needed 900.00 to ensure they were paid. They even told my husband that he would be so happy with their service that he would want to fly down from Canada to buy them a coffee. What a joke this is….we never received any money on Feb 1, 2013, they would not return our calls and now DJR’s website is slowly not working….no contact page, no service page…..

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Address: 1331 Union Ave Memphis, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: (901)231-5939

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