Gloria A. Flores – Fife, Washington Washington


This is Gloria Flores, a 43 year old Mexican SL*T Grandma! She’s married to a 54 year old man. They have 3 kids and grand kids that she doesn’t give a fuck and respect. She works at Milguard Windows in Fife, Tacoma Washington. Her and my husband used to work together about 4 years back. She started to flirt with my husband at work and started to send him pictures of her summer of 2012 and started to give him expensive gifts like Chanel cologne and aftershave, Michael kors watches, Don Julio tequila, wallet from Mexico, gift cards, souvenirs from places she goes to with her husband and anything and everything she can give to him. She told my husband the old story of a cheater “my husband doesn’t care about me and hurts me” bullshit! She kissed my husband at work during his lunch hour December of 2012!! Take note! She made the first move! She’s always following him around he said, don’t worry guys he is now my ex husband! They started fucking according to her April 15 2013!! This is when I asked her through text and she thought that she’s texting my husband. I also asked her the last time they fucked, she doesn’t remember the date but she said a week after her son had his surgery! I have all the proof that everything I’m saying is the truth and nothing but the truth! My husband admitted to me about his infidelity a year ago. I was traumatized, devastated, crushed unsafe, insecure, miserable and scared! I told him while crying and screaming “Oh My God!!! I was pregnant with our child when you started cheating on me!!!” And their relationship lasted for more than a year!! Yes! During and after my pregnancy!! What a loving husband and a father to my kids! I was just going to let faith and karma deal with her and just go on with my life because my husband swear on his life that at first he was probably “proud” and felt like a “player”!! Until he was not feeling right about it anymore but still just going with the flow because she was so persistent even if her daughter caught her cheating because of the pictures my husband sent her.. She still didn’t want to stop or end their relationship. Yes, my husband told me everything! I can also prove that! I’m a person that will never ever say anything unless I can back it up! Until she texted my husband before his birthday telling him that she still loves him and missed him so much!! I’m soo disgusted by this cheap cheating liar bitch!!! She even send me pictures of herself!! Well, it’s because she thought that she’s texting my husband! She keeps on asking for a picture of him!! I confirmed everything my husband told me about the affair! Even to their favorite place to meet, park and fuck!! That church near her house!!! No respect to anything even the house of God!!! PIGS!!!

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