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Ordered parts they claimed to have in stock. | got email next day cancelling order. | Checked with other GM parts companies for availability of my gm part. | GMPartsGiant emailed me and said they could get one of the parts i needed 2 days after ordering it would be shipped to me. | I ordered the part. | 3 days later got a email requesting another $ 32.05 over the $ 94.00 already authorized for “vintage part”. | 3 days later I called their “Customer service” they informed me that they did not know when or if they could get the part, yet already charged me for it with the bogus swindle fee of $ 32.05 for a viontage part. At that time I requested to cancel the order, from their customer service dept. He said he was not sure I could and they would email me a cancellation decision within 24 hours. I thought that is strange but i used paypal so i thought i was covered for this. I was wrong. | Paypal did nothing to stop this process or help me in any way. | Gm partsagiant probabally makes all of its money this way from “restocking fees”. | I see this coming in the pipeline. Since I have the part installed in my car already. Today I got charged for the part and they cllaimed to have sent it. If they did I will refuse it. I am going to dispute this with my banks help. | This company sucks and lies about parts availability to sucker unsuspecting victims. When a class action is filed please notify me I will happy to join.

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