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I had received a call that there was a problem wth possible identity fraud and that I should call to get this resolved. | When I called I reached a company with a different name, but they assured me that they were one in the same. The gentleman I spoke to had all my right information which I verified. | He then started going though some things that I was eligible for and not it would cost me nothing. He started to explain eveerything that I would get then mentioned a fee. At this point I told him to cancel everything and do not charge or send me anything. | I was going over some statements and noticed charges to companies that I have never spoken to. I call to one of the companies and am told that I signed up through a third party company and that they verified everyhting via the third parties recording. Obviously they are able to control what is recorded and what isn’t. | I asked to speak to a manager and what do you know, they have no manager that I can speak to. She says there are only four of them in a small room. I would like to put a hurting on these eople.

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