This site is similar to several others, Victoria Brides, Asia Charm, Victoria Hearts, etc. To communicate with the ladies, it is necessary to buy ‘credits’ ot ‘tokens’. Requesting or disclosure of contact information is “against policy”. | If you encounter any sites following a similar format, you are pure and simple being scammed. | To start with guys, look at the women on these sites. 98% of them could be super models! Why would anyone who looked like that need a dating site ? There also seems to be a very high percentage of the ladies who are either doctors, dentists or have their own business. Seriously, why would ladies in those positions be on a dating site ? | In the vast majority of cases , you most definitely are NOT communicating with the lady in the pictures. Several of the messages or letters are full of sexual innuendo or highly suggestive. A few even have pictures attached with the lady only partially clothed or in some other highly provocative pose. Have you EVER met any lady who would communicate in such a manner to a complete stranger ? It is more than likely you are communicating with some paid lacky who has a data base of “letters” and just sends these at random. There are also many questions. This is simply a ruse to get you to respond. | Requests for contact information are either ignored or responded to by being quoted the site “rules”. No exchange of contact info ! It is a pure scam to get you to continue to use the site as every form of communication costs ! | Please gentlemen, do not waste your hard earned cash on any sites which follow the patterns described above. You are being scammed.

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