Golden Tours Brampton Ontario Review


I was not at all pleased with my Paris day trip. First I had to wait at the concierge desk at 5 am, the driver had apparently been told 4:50 and was unfriendly and upset at the fact that we were late (we were there before 5 the time I was told). We then made our way to St. Pancras station. Once inside the station I looked for our representative. But there was nobody there from Golden Tours. One of the other two tour companies representatives informed us that our rep was always late. I don’t know why we would have to be at the station at least 30 minutes before Golden tours arrives. We received our welcome pack and proceeded through security. Once inside we looked at our information and found out that although we booked 4 tickets together (same time, same credit card, all under one name) we were not sitting together. I attempted to change the tickets for other seats but it was not possible on the journey to Paris as we were booked as a group of six not four (no idea who the other 2 people were). I was able to change for the return trip as there were seats available. Upon arrival in Paris we found our tour guide and proceeded to the panoramic tour. It would have been great information to know that almost all the major landmarks can only be viewed well if seated on the left side of the bus (of course I had chosen to sit on the right). Then on to the Eiffel tower. I was informed that on the date chosen “there will only be a quick photo stop””. I was fine with this but didn’t realize that a quick photo stop meant we don’t stop we simply drive past it try to get a photo out the window of the bus as we drive past and the other tour buses block your view. Then the Seine river cruise. Again most of the landmarks can only be viewed well from the left side of the boat. The seating is cramped and uncomfortable (I am over six feet tall and had a choice of my knees or my shins to be pressed against a metal bar of the seats in front of me. The audio guide is similar to a large telephone that you have to hold to your ear to hear then put down and miss part of the commentary if you want to take a picture or stand up for a better view. Then to the Montparnasse Tower. It is what I expected and has a spectacular view. However there is repair work being done outside. A worker was sandblasting and was not properly closed off so as we walked past to access the tower we also received some sandblast blown at us. Then the return journey went well boarded Eurostar and left. But as luck would have it there was a lightening strike or something so we were stopped


locked on the train for approximately 4 hours being told little to no info as to what was going on and we would have to return to Paris with our dead cell phones and no money. It was finally repaired so instead of the 9:39pm London arrival it was 1:45am. I still do not know if I will receive and compensation for this event. I am aware that some of this is not under Golden tours control

however it is all part of the tour and it was not a very pleasant experience it was stressful and disappointing. This cost me $1438.20 CAD for four people (a ridiculous amount of money for what I got). Also Total London Experience March 29th. Ticket Reference 10621666. This was a much better experience however I do have a couple of issues with this tour as well. First we boarded the Luxury Air-conditioned Coach only to find out the air conditioner was broken it was pretty uncomfortable and my wife almost got sick because of it. Then at Buckingham Palace there was no changing of the guard (I feel that we should have been informed of this at the time of booking and not on our way to the palace. We were informed that we would not see it in bad weather but it was a sunny day). This was sometime we all wished to see. St. Paul’s Cathedral was absolutely amazing (unfortunate that pictures are not allowed inside)(Again something that should have been told to us). Included in the package was a free walking tour (The Royal/The Beatles) unfortunately Goldentours again did not inform us that there are only certain days and times for this and due to this we could not use the vouchers. Myself and others on the tour had all assumed it was part of the tour we were on and would do it some point through the day. I paid $694.59 CAD for four people

and did not get to do two of the highlights I was promised.”

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