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Complaint: Karen Ruth Golf(License #01033188) scammed me out of my $5,000 commission!! Karen is a fraudster, con artist, ripper, crook and conniver. She is in cahootz with Steve Goldschmied, who is a known scammer and swindler. I do business loans and had a client who called me around Dec. 1st needing a home equity loan. I contacted Steve Goldschmied and started working the deal Dec. 5th 2016 with Steve Goldschmied and Karen Ruth Golf. On Jan. 20th 2017, the deal was funded. About 2 weeks after the deal funded(approx 2/3/17) I started contacting Steve Goldschmied wondering why it was taking so long to receive my commission. We were in agreement that we’d split the commission 50/50($5k each, $10k total). Steve started to becoming less and less communicative. I’d call/text him asking for my money and he would just give me excuse after excuse.. after excuse. I realized that he and Karen were just stringing me along, without having any intention of EVER paying me! I would call Karen and ask her to PLEASE PAY ME what’s RIGHTFULLY MINE and she acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about.. proceeding to tell me that I WON’T ever get my money! She was very insensitive, to say the least! They made my financial situation so bad(by nonpayment) that not only was I past due on all my bills.. it was severly damaging my relationship with my girlfriend! We were getting in alot of arguments(over bills) because of it! I indicated to Karen(and Steve) that NOT getting PAID was putting me in the worse financial bind I’ve been in a long time.. they both could care less! All Karen cares about is lining her pockets, and doesn’t give a SH*T about who she screws over along the way!! She is a greedy and self-less human being and should have her real estate license REVOKED. If you do business with this woman, chances are.. you’re going to get screwed over one way or another. Karen is NOT to be trusted! She does dealings with SHADY people with track records of scamming! Do NOT do business with this person! BUYER BEWARE !!!!!

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Address: 10256 Central Ave. Montclair, California USA


Phone: 909-482-4566

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