to my phone no off AUTO TRADER: good evening.I hope your vehicle on Auto Trader still for sale? Kindly e-mail me at [email protected] for further correspondence. Thanks….. on Monday Oct 9, 2017 at 11:57 AM EST.me–Im at the dentist and will text you when I am done. him–Can you please take more pictures of all the bad stuff, do you have another set of keys, and tell me more about the previous owners? I am in the Army and am buying this for my dad in Michigan. This is why I need to have an honest explanation about the vehicle as it sounds like a good deal. I will send you the money via Pay Pal as it is really the only way I can do it being here on this tight schedule in the Army. I can help you set up an Pay Pal account if you need, then you just send me the numbers and I deposit the money into your Pay pal account. me- I texted back to a wrong number and a good sumaritan e-mailed me back to google the scam. I did . He was right and I texted him back with a big thank you! There are some really good people here in the US for the few bad apples!

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