Good Transport LTD.


I contact the seller of a vehicle (1973 Pontiac Grand Am) inquiring about the vehicle….the seller (a Mr. Erin Westlin) stated that the vehicle was located in New Brunswick, NJ and had been in the process of being transported to the U.K., but that the original buyer had a health emergency and the deal fell through. Mr. Westlin placed an ad online for the vehicle (I originally found the vehicle on stating the vehicle was for sale for $5800, including shipping….the funds would be held in escrow until the vehicle was delivered and I had a chance to inspect the vehicle for myself.I saw on the website that this was a recurring fraud here in the U.S., and I utilized some of the information regarding these frauds to put this ‘company’ to the test….I asked for a physical location of the company, a good contact number with extension, DOT Motor Carrier Number, and I also told them (in no uncertain terms) that the only ways I would make payment would be PayPal, credit card or certified cashiers check. Surprise, surprise….they emailed me back immediately with the response, and I quote directly, ‘OK, then please find another vehicle to buy because we only accept bank transfer. We will inform the seller that the deal is off.’, un quote. The good thing is, they saved me $5800!!

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