Goodwill Industries Of Southeastern Wisconsin Long Beach California Review


I unfortunately have first count experience for working at Goodwill. I don’t know how others operate,but it seems pretty universal on it’s policies. First off, your items will most likely be thrown out. The store always needs room to place it’s newest arrivals and I have seem perfectly good/sealed packages thrown into the “trash bins!”” I’ve seem items that were never used but discarded because it was too expensive to display or simply there was to much junk on the shelves. They pile too much junk on the shelves and often it’s tipped over which can be a softy issue It would be nice to see the aging junk replaced by the good or new items received. It’s a shame that the items that are trashed are not given to another store or just given back to the giver for them to donate else where to their choosing. Plus

Target items get first priority. If an item come’s from Target

room must be made for these items

even if it means discarding perfectly good merchandise.The attendants at the receiving dock are made to stand on their feet

often in an unheated environment in the Winter. Have you seen their prices? You can most likely get new ones at Walmart for cheaper!Plus i’m disabled (back) abd they wouldn’t accommodate me even with a doctor’s note. I was put on unpaid leave on absence until I get a “”modified”” note. The human resources person Celina Davis is a b***h and will mock you when asking for accommodations. She is truly a heartless person who replies just with “”mocking”” laughter when you talk to her about something serious. Ranji Jacob

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