Goodyear gemini auto service cleveland Tennessee


Complaint: I went there because the car was wobbling a bit for a 1994 dodge intrepid. The front desk person did an inspection and said the right tie rod needed replacing. Then he said one of the tires was separating. So of course I was a sucker too, I’ll admit. So I paid for them to replace the tie rod assembly and also replace all four tires and do an alignment. I don’t drive the car that much but after about 6000 miles I noticed the front left tire starting to get bald on the outer edge. Then I jacked up the front right side and the tie rod was very loose. I took it back and again was told I needed the replace the tie rod assembly again and do another alignment again for another $300 because those things are prone to fail. Well I wasn’t a sucker a second time and all that was needed was to replace the tie rod rubber bushing which costs about $20. I replaced it myself after looking up the instructions on the internet and buying the $20 rubber bushings! Plus what caused the wobbling to start with was just one rear tire! So if you have a dodge intrepid I do not recommend that you go to goodyear!!! I don’t know about other cars but buyer beware of those places!

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Address: 4115 east bay drive clearwater, Florida United States of America



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