Two companies are responsible for this scam. CARiD and RECON (gorecon) lights. These companies are a complete scam site! I ordered tail lights for my truck. I broke busted mine so I thought instead of paying $900 for one stock tail light, ill just upgrade to some aftermarket ones. So I ordered the RECON LED tails light ($499). They came in the mail and was the wrong ones. The wiring harnesses did not match. One was round the stock was square. A 5th grader would know those 2 would not fit. So I never even tried to install them. I called both companies immediately and they said there was not adapter to make them fit and to just return them. Sounds easy right….Well a week and a half later I call to see if they got the light. | It went back to the manufacture (RECON) and CARiD said they were used and would not refund me my money. I emailed and called over and over. They finally said that they had a picture of the lights and they were badly damaged. I NEVER even took the second one out of the package. And the first one I just looked at it and put it back in the box. There was NO damage to these at all. I asked for a picture. They sent me a picture of this taillight that looked like someone smeared dirt all over it and created micro scratches, which is something I did not do and was not in that condition when I mailed the back. | They said RECON was mailing them back to me and there would be no refund. Well 3 weeks later. They never even sent the lights back to me and will not respond to my emails. THEY STRAIGHT UP STOLE $500. DO NOT BUY FROM CARiD or RECON! They will rip you off then waste your time trying to get it back. Hope this helps someone else from the loss of hard earned money and the extreme headache and stress they caused me. Loss my money and still have to get pulled over 3 times for a broken taillight while I was going through this back and forth process thinking I would eventually get my money back so I could afford a tail light that would fit. These two companies have the worst customer service of any online company I have had to deal with.

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