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The GoRenter Scam: Once you sign up thinking you”re only paying 7.5% of your gross income, you start getting inundated with invoicing. According to court documents, GoRenter admits to an average annual income of $4000.00 per property. Hummmm lets do the math, the average property in Phoenix rents for $1200.00 per month x 12 months = $14, 440.00 per year, that = 27.7% not 7.5%. How does Gorenter get $4000 per year from each property?: GoRenter nickels and dimes the tenants for every little charge, until the tenants can”t wait to break their lease. When they do, there are eviction charges in addition to all the charges to clean up a property that has been trashed. GoRenter up-charges you, the property owner, on every invoice you receive, carpet cleaning, painting, legal work, etc. According to several ex-employees and vendors, the up charge can be as high as 40%. The vendors are told to create phony invoices to show the property owners, while GoRenter pays the vendor a lower amount. This is illegal and known as failure to disclose. Action Plan: All we need is a few more people that have been ripped off to lodge a group complaint with the Arizona Department Of Real Estate. Once the complaint is lodged, the ADRE will do a financial audit, and they will be out of business. Let”s also hope the ADRE orders GoRenter to pay back all their ill-gotten gain to the thousands of owners who paid these amounts. This is not the first time this company has been investigated by the ADRE, but it will be their last.

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