Goshop and save Belton Texas


Complaint: I called Shoe buy about my order to make sure they had my right address when someone came on and said I was a the lucky winner for the day, that I had won a 100 dollar gift card. All i needed to do was to send 4.95 for processing fee. I said I don’t think so, if it was fee then I didn’t need to send any money. They kept talking and against my better judgement finally said yes. I was switched to someone else and they said if I would like to get something else. I said no and the person came back on and said you will not be charged for anything else just say yes. I again said no and he came back on and said again you will not be charged for anything. I told hime if I get charge for anything at all I willdo something about it.And of course there were 2 cahrges not attorrized on there.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: Internet USA

Website: goshopeandsave.com/


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