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Complaint: Governor Kasich expects that the Medical Board of Ohio will self-correct all the hundreds of false cases of discipline and suspension of innocent physicians. Cases that every Ohio legislator admits – cases without patient complaints. These cases can’t be fixed until the ‘confidential’ file is open to the accused physician and she is allowed to defend herself. The Constitution doesn’t apply to the State Medical Board of Ohio or Governor Kasich. Governor Kasich, and the Medical Board Members, admit this – you are guilty and can’t ever prove innocence. You aren’t allowed. Nothing can be fixed at the State Medical Board of Ohio without hundreds of cases being unconfidentialed, and other problematic procedural policies straightened out. The Ohio Medical Board has been without any reforms for over 20 years – so that the boys can be boys. When the legislator finds out about the mess at the Medical Board, they just run for Congress like Matt Lynch – cover the a*s. Lynch, and others, are out of the State Legislature faster than speeding bullets with their Superman shirts on. There are statutes of limitations for legislators that facilitate this, but no statutes limit the terms of Medical Board Members in Ohio – they can serve until they get senile and can’t get to the meeting – two are currently in their 70s and both are totally incompetent as to anything medical. When no one can review an Ohio Medical Board decision and get the files, there is no way that anything will ever straighten out. Governor Kasich refuses to admit the problem, goes to Nevada, and expects Dr. Miriam Adelson to give him campaign contributions. You can’t make deals with a bunch of liars, because the NEXT DAY the LIARS have another AGREEMENT, another CONDITION. The Ohio Medical Board is a bunch of liars, cheats, physicians who can’t practice medicine, and physicians who, if they weren’t on the Medical Board of Ohio, would be suspended by a better Board – for falsify patient information if for no other reason. There’s no complaint that can’t be edited, or roundfiled. Many physician complaints in Ohio are by colleagues – but no one checks or asks how that signer knew the physician. If the Medical Board knows the physician, the complaint is thrown out – otherwise the woman MD is out of a job and can’t prove anything. The Medical Board puts her into the Data Bank as an ‘unknown disorder’ until they get her to admit something – which is misuse of psychiatry. The Data Bank doesn’t ‘get’ the hoax. Ohio Medical Board Members get their ‘friends’ off, release ‘confidential’ complaints to their friends against state law, and no one does anything about them breaking the law. Governor Kasich looks the other way – there’s no ethics, or external review, at the State Medical Board. Members hear cases from their own hospitals or practice groups – they never have conflicts of interest. Women MDs are held to a different standard, and licenses taken for ‘offenses’ that aren’t offenses. ‘Confidential’ complaints are filed by physicians that never worked with the physician, didn’t know the physician, but got paid to sign the complaint – several cases, or maybe hundreds, started this way in Ohio. The woman MD can’t object, and cases go years this way until someone realizes that she never knew the signers after mentioning a few names. Some signers, Dr. Robert Botti, have their wives call the woman MD’s family to brag that they got her license taken and that she ‘didn’t deserve’ to be a MD. At least not in Ohio. Some confidential complaints are about the boys wanting the whorehouse privileges – free sex, free understanding and understanding, free treatements for sexual diseases, free range of sample cupboard, free office space (one male wanted the woman to agree to have the wall torn down between the offices – the woman was going to have to pay for it – she lost her medical license – the Medical Board wanted that wall torn down). The law about what the State Medical Board can do gets re-written every day – while they throw out complaints on friend physicians. No one knows what is going on as all complaints, and the reasons for an investigation, are ‘confidential.’ This would be ok if Governor Kasich had good people making those decisions, but he doesn’t. Governor Kasich has changed the Medical Board very little, and the faulty procedures that take the licenses of innocent physicians who just have to disagree with a more powerful incompetent physician. You can’t agree with everyone all the time – it’s not reality. The Ohio Court of Appeals can’t get the files from the State Medical Board – and they change them anyways. It’s legal in Ohio for the Medical Board to take a license on provisional, and then find the provisional was a fraud, and then change the file and accusation. To find a case after the fact, women MDs are sent to >5 psychiatric evaluations and forced to detail their sex lives or be branded ‘paranoid’ that they won’t ‘dish’ on who they dated – which is extreme sexist, chauvinistic, and misogynistic behavior. The Medical Board gets obsessed then with findling another and another case – to the point where one case has gone on over 20 years, over 3 years of Governor Kasich hanging up and looking the other way expecting the Adelsons to pay. This case was not about the woman MDs patient care, but that the confidential complainers wanted free office space (don’t we all), free sex, free patient referrals, and various pieces of medical equipment thrown in when they needed it. The ‘go-to’ woman MD finally said ‘NO,’ and her license was taken for not handling the situation the ‘right’ way. Domestic abuse gets the guy in jail, workplace abuse gets the woman MD beaten up and no one cares – least of all Governor Kasich the ultimate jerk. The farce is that he’s concerned about unemployment – well if you get your medical license taken without patient complaints, without the Board having a case, you can’t get a job until the employer has that file and understands what happened. So the abuser male MDs, and the abusive Governor, get home-free. If Governor Kasich was an MD, he would be a bully, an abuser, and a self-righteous jerk who made women admit his ‘rightness’ while killing patients. Because that’s what his Medical Board does. Governor Kasich has no common sense, no appreciation for a woman MD’s education, and he just talks to women MDs like Dr. Miriam Adelson for the money. If Governor Kasich is concerned about unemployment, then women MDs need to keep their licenses until there is a patient complaint, or the Board has a case. Finding cases for 20 years is cheating, illegal in Nevada, and unethical. But Governor Kasich is just one of the boys.

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