Governor John Kasich (Ohio) Cleveland Ohio


Complaint: Governor John Kasich, and his Executive Director of the State Medical Board of Ohio, are in the business of paying for physician complaints – complaints by colleagues of the physician who didn’t get enough referrals for ‘big’ surgeries, didn’t get enough outside of marriage ‘Catholic girls are easy’ action, and complaints about not going along with bad care practices with billing for non-care. It’s all about fraud at the State Medical Board of Ohio. But ‘confidential’ physician complaints are the reason – and it’s not ‘confidential’ to protect patients – it’s confidential to get stats, to get money for reviewing complaints, and to be in the business of physician disciplines – where you have to pay the state to get the medical license back and be re-trained. They could start a business with all the physicians that Ohio has to put back to work from false disciplines – as California has done – go through a mini-medical school again. Ohio is all about fraud.

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