GrabCampaign Ltd


I met this guy on Facebook, Then he referred me to this company that do web designs and I went to the vetting process with this company. Interviews and orientations, after signing their contract they offer me a Brand Identity Design Project that I worked for 3 months the Project Manager said that he has some family Problems and that’s why my first Payment for my first 3 weeks of working for them, he said that it will be delayed because of the Client is now yet paying the initial payment. the name of this Client is Hamster Token. I never got paid for working that hard and the project manager is so arrogant. The CEO of GrabCampaign Ltd is Sarah Tre from America. I’m from the Philippines but I just want to report this Scam so that no one else with be a victim of this Scam. The victims address in the bottom is only a place holder.

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