Grace Daniel is one to look out for


Grace Morgan Daniel is crazy. What she does all day is sit around trying to hack her boyfriend’s accounts on his phone and computer. She will tell you that she works for a low level company, but don’t believe her. She’s an IT specialist.
I’m taking the trouble to report her because people should be on the watch out for her. She’s one of those feminists who stalk men and abuse them. She has exploited so many men online. She’s a druggie, and is a slut too. She worships the Devil.
Look in her purse and I bet you will find heroin and needles in there. She’s not hard to identify either – so many tattoos! And if you see her at any time, make sure you run and don’t look back. Because you can be sure she won’t be the only one chasing you.
She also calls herself Gracie. She uses other names too, so don’t believe anything she says. Ask for ID. She has two piercings on her bottom lip. She will tell you things like she’s homeless and has no kids. All she wants is to move in with you, so she can steal your stuff and have her friends come in to your home too.

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