Gracie Creek – Huntertown, Indiana Indiana


This little girl, I say that because it all started when she was still 17, will not leave my husband alone. Back in 2012 he made a mistake when she was 17 and I was in the hospital after giving birth to our first child. I had been on bed rest in the hospital and she met him at the house and has sex with her. He instantly regretted it and confessed the entire thing a day later. After much soul searching I forgave him as she would not give up in her persuit of my husband. Unfortunately for both of us, it didn’t end there. A few years later she found out I was in the hospital and contacted him to see if he wanted to again. This time when my husband replied her at the time bf got the message and threatened to tell me if he didn’t leave her alone. She must have deleted the text after sending it. Flash forward to this year. It’s her turn to give birth. While in the hospital with another mans child she contacted my husband and wanted to know if he wanted to meet her at the hospital for a blowjob. She is well known in the area for offering blowjobs because rumor has it her down there area is so messed up she can’t take sex. Anyway he told her to go for a hike. She does not give up. From what I have heard from multiple people she has had multiple stays in the nuthouse as recent as a couple years ago. How they ever let her out is beyond me. She likes to use her tits to luar men in. You know what they say the bigger the breast the crazier the woman.

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