Graham Heating & Air Conditioning


We wre unfortunate victims of these scammers. | My elderly, confused father received a phone call from a salesman from this company offering a inspection for $39.95. The small AC unit for his bedroom had not been putting out enough cool air so he said OK. He told me he made an appointment for someone to come out when I was there without telling me it was a telemarketer. | The salesman was almost an hour late so I left before he arrived. I told my 86 year-old father not to sign anything or give him any money and just get an estimate. Later that day he told me they needed to get a part and did not give him an estimate. 3 days later I came home to find him crying with a bill in his hand for $3755. Apparently the first day the salesman told him he needed all kinds of unnecessary work which he refused. He thought he just needed a part replaced. He asked my father for a credit card and asked him to sign a work order. My father signed it without looking at it becasue he is trusting and confused. The salesman then put in UV lights before he left the house that my father told him he did not want. | When the repairman came out a few days later, he replaced a valve and told him that was all that was wrong with the system. My father then saw the paperwork and saw what he had been charged. | The bill is not itemized but shows they charged him for a lifetime warranty among other unwanted services. I called the company immediately to speak with the owner but he refused the conversation. | I filed a report withthe BBB. The compant response was that children should stay out of their parent’s business. | The Attorney General is investigating.

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