Grand Crowne Resorts/Surrey Vaction Resorts/Carriage Place /Grand Crowne Travel Network Somewhere Review


To EVERYONE out there I would just like to let you all know, that I worked for Grand Crowne recently and they are not the “best”” company to work for or to be going through with your travel/hotel/cruises/timeshares/telemarketing. (TIME SHARES) They do tell you everything you need to know when you purchase a timeshare however they do it so smoothly and so fast that you really have no idea what you have gotten into until its done. BUT REMEMBER they do record all sales and if you feel obligated you need to get a copy of that recording. Also the terms and conditions for selling is on your contract so PLEASE make sure you read it front to back before buying. ALSO remember yes it is a high pressure situation but they are there trying to sell to you

YOU have the upper hand and you can walk at any moment so take all the time in the world. (trust me) (TRAVEL) You might get a phone call from a telemarketing member telling you all the wonderful offers Grand Crowne can get you for a certain amount ect..ect.. DO NOT DO IT! You can go online to one of the competitive travel sights and find it a lot cheaper. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES BEFORE COMMITING TO ANYTHING BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE USUALLY LOOKING TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK ON THE UNEXPECTING…”

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