Green Coffee Everett Massachusetts Review


I decided to take a risk& try a diet supplement to help me loose some weight. ..So I came across Super Garcinia Cambogia. .. I decided to take a go at it and do the free trial where I only had to pay for the shipping. ..4.95 I started to order it when it said that it works better with the coffee cleanse and I would only have to pay for the shipping as well, so I went ahead and got both of them. … they arrive just like they said they were. ..I never opened the bottles and I called the number that was on the only email I ever received from them (my confirmation email) I explained to the gentleman that I did not want the pills and I just wanted to send them back ( I changed my mind after I did some research) He then gave me the address to which I would send both bottles back to. …I received my email stating that my “subscription”” has been canceled. .. on 11/21 I received a charge on my debit card for 79.53 from Green Coffee. .. I called my bank which informed me that this is a scam on how they get people. .so I called up Green Coffee and explained to them that I alright canceled

she then told me that I only canceled with one company not the other. So I then asked her why is it that for both companies the phone number on the emails are the same

she had no anwser… she then told me in order to get my money back I would have to pay another 4.95 for shipping and then they are going to charge me 9.95 for restocking! ! & that it could take up to 30 days to get my money back. .”

3760 west McFadden ave suite B602 Santa Anna, California USA

8887641724 -8888908464

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