Green Tree Johnstown Pennsylvania Review


To Whom It May Concern, I started the process of “refinancing”” and “”lowering my interest rate”” on September 21st. On October 4th I received my Borrower Assistance Form and promptly faxed the papers that day. I called Green Tree on Oct. 9th and was told by Michelle that”” all forms have been received”” and that I was going to be paired with a representative to help me. Per Michelle I was to call back on Oct. 22nd to speak with that representative and go through my options. I did call back today

Oct 22nd. I was not paired with a representative.I did try to speak with Michelle but she was off today. Matthew U. (he would not tell me his last name nor would he spell it.) Per Matthew “”He did not have to tell me his last name””. After discussing

in length

my options. Matthew told me “”he does not need to make me happy.”” As a represenative of green Tree

Matthew U. was very unprofessional and unaccommodating. Matthew U. told me “”that I felt entitled.”” What does that mean? I am entitled to quality customer service. I felt as if I was being punished for not being able to afford my high interest rate anymore. Matthew U. informed me that he was in the Collections Department. Which I am confused about that due to my mortgage being paid every month. When I asked to speak with an Escalation Department or someone that could help me

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