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Hello, On June 25, 2010, Inhad breast argumentation (475cc) and abdominal liposuction around my mid-section.nPrior to this surgery, my husband and Inmet with Dr. Gerald Truesdale for a consultation. During this consultation, wendiscussed what I wanted to achieve by the augmentation. At that time I voicednone of my greatest concerns which were the best method for not leaving scars onnmy breasts. This was because I was greatly concerned about the possibility ofnkeloids. I was also concerned about recovery time (I wanted to be completelynrecovered by my birthday on July 18) and having a very natural look. I told Dr.nTruesdale that if I had to be cut on my breasts then I did not want thenimplants. Upon examination, Dr.nTruesdale said that I would not need a breast lift because it was his opinion thatnmy breasts would line up after the implants were in place. We were told thatnthere were several ways the implants could be put in place. I asked about goingnunder the armpit to prevent the possibility of scaring on my breasts. Dr. Truesdalenconfirmed that going through the armpit and under the muscle will achieve thenabove results. He assured us that he had done this method many times and itnwould give me the best natural look. He said that he had performed thisnprocedure many times and that I would have a very natural looking and feelingnbreast post procedure. He also said that going under the muscle is better forncancer screening. With his recommendations, I chose the method of going undernthe armpits because he assured me that I could accomplish all my personal goalsnas I outlined to him during the consultation. We set the appointment and thenprocedure was done. I was given instructions which included wearing a wrap on mynchest and doing specific exercises that was prescribed. I followed theseninstructions implicitly. After nearly two months, my implants were sitting verynhigh on my chest. They were extremely hard and my nipples and breasts were saggingnand hanging downwards. They looked deformed. I had scars on my stomach, mynunderarms and on the right side back. The scar on my back occurred from thenbandages being wrapped too tight. I had 4 scars from the abdominal liposuction onnmy stomach from the incisions and from bandaging. Both my husband and I werenvery concerned about my appearance. I did a routine follow up and brought my concerns to thenattention of Dr. Truesdale and his nurse. Upon examination Dr. Truesdale suggestednthat he go back in again to remove scar tissue that was preventing the implantsnfrom dropping into place. I asked him ifnthis situation was normal. He said it was not normal. I also asked him if itnwas safe to be cut again in the same place. He said it was safe. He said that becausenof my athletic build my muscles were two times thicker than most women and thatnthese muscles were preventing the implants from dropping into place. I was veryndisappointed that I would need surgery again to correct this problem. I asked whatnthis would cost and he stated there would be no charge for this because he wasnultimately concerned for my satisfaction. I asked him about the abdominalnliposuction scars and the knots that had formed under my skin. Dr Truesdale saidnhe would go in again and get the lumps out with another abdominal liposuctionnon the right side and that the scars would then fade away. Because Dr.nTruesdale was so convincing that he could correct the problem we agreed to thensecond surgery even though my trust and confidence were now shaken. We schedulednthe corrective procedure for October 1, 2010. While I was being prep for the second surgery, I told the anesthesiologistnthat I wanted to speak with Dr. Truesdale before I was put under. I wanted tongo over what we had previously discussed about what was to be done, what Incould expect, and to be reassured that this procedure would correct thenproblems that I now had. Frankly, I was very scared of this procedure becausenof my loss of trust. I had an idea in my head that I may not even go throughnwith it at that point. The anesthesiologist said he was not in the building yetnbut he would be in to talk to me before the surgery. She put me under and I didnnot have that chance to talk to him before the procedure was done. After a few days of recovery from the second surgery, Inremove the wrappings to change the bandages. I was shocked to see that mynbreasts were just hanging toward the floor; the implants were still very highnon my chest, they were not in the lower breast! My husband had told me later onnthe day of this second procedure that Dr. Truesdale had told him that thensurgery had gone well. My husband had been really concerned because I was thenfirst patient that morning and was in recovery for a very long time. Dr.nTruesdale also told my husband that he had stood me up while I was on the tablento look at the implants and make sure they were in place. He also mentionednthat he had removed about 25 cc of saline from the implants in order to helpnthem descend. I was shocked upon hearing this because he had done this withoutnmy knowledge or my consent. The implants were still in the same place and I nownhad two set of cuts under my armpits, more scars from the wrapping, hangingnbreast and now my back was badly bruised. I returned after five days and was very concerned about thenappearance of my breasts. I relayed my displeasure to the nurse and to Dr.nTruesdale. I was also very angry about not having been afforded the opportunitynto talk with Dr. Truesdale prior to being put under for the procedure. Dr.nTruesdale reassured me that the implants will drop in place, and that I should justngive it awhile. He also said I should continue the exercises. I told him that Inwas not happy with the way things went the day of my surgery. I told him that Inhad specifically told the anesthesiologist I wanted to speak to him BEFORE thenprocedure. Dr. Truesdale was very reassuring even though at this point I feltnthat I had a serious problem going on. He calmed me down and I left afternsetting a follow up appointment for October 20, 2010. I returned for my scheduled appointment on October 20, 2010.nThere had been no improvements or changes in my condition at all except thatnnow I had a very hard lump on the side of my left breast that is painful. Whennhe looked at them I could tell he was concerned and this frightened me. He saidnthat I was a rare case and that he had spoken with a colleague in Atlanta aboutnmy situation. He told me that he wanted to go in again and that I would have anprocedure where he would make an incision under each breast about one inch longnand that he would be able to release scar tissue that was preventing thenimplants to descend into place. This release of scar tissue sounded exactlynthe same as I had been promised on the last procedure. My husband asked Dr. Truesdale a verynpointed question. He asked Dr. Truesdale if he could give us his opinion ofnwhat percent of likelihood that this procedure would correct this problem? Henanswered 100%! My husband was surprised by this answer because in these typesnof surgeries, he could not see how anyone could guarantee a 100% chance ofnsuccess. My husband repeated to him, 100%?. He stated again emphatically thatnhe is 100% sure that it would correct the problem. I had made it perfectlynclear on our very first consultation that I did not want any scars on mynbreasts. At this point, I hadnlost all confidence and trust in him and I told him so. At this point, I feltnlike I was a person being used to practice on. Dr. Truesdale then suggestednthat I speak with another doctor at Baptist Hospital to see what he would havento say about my condition. He said that he would speak to him first and givenhim back ground on my case and that I should go see him to see if I would feelnbetter about him performing yet another procedure. I scheduled a consultationnwith Dr. Malcolm Marks who is the department head and a teaching doctor atnBaptist Hospital. I also scheduled appointments with two other doctors to getntheir opinions of what could or should be done to correct this. These doctorsnwere Dr. Willard and Dr. Kirsch. Thesenconsultations were all done at my expense. At my consultationnwith Dr. Willard, I was told by him that to achieve the look I was seeking henwould not have gone under the armpit and under the muscle together. He alsonsaid that he would not have tried it without doing a breast lift. He said thenonly way to correct it would be to do a lift. My second consultation was withnDr. M. Lee Kirsch. He said that he would not have attempted going under the armnpit in my situation because of the difficulty in getting a good placement. Onnmy consultation with Dr. Malcolm Marks, I was again told that he would not havengone under the armpits because of the difficulty in placing the implants. BothnDoctors Marks and Kirsch said that they would have done it by placing thenimplant through the areola. I was scheduled to have the third surgery on November 19,n2010 with Dr. Truesdale. However, after hearing from three other physiciansn(one of whom is and esteemed teaching doctor and department head of the plasticnsurgery division at Baptist Hospital) I canceled because all that I heard fromnthese three other plastic surgeons only cemented my fears further. I was alsonvery concerned that I would have to be administered anesthesia for a third timenin such a short period. I am Hepatitis C positive and I was told that the livernmust clean this out of my system and that this is hard on a persons liver. I advised Doctor Truesdale of this fact on ournfirst consultation. We had an appointment with Dr. Truesdale to discuss himndoing the third procedure. This time I had made up my mind to ask for a refundnor as another solution he could pay for the procedure to correct my situationnwith another surgeon. I was/am completely afraid of him doing another surgerynon me and I am also afraid of anesthesia again. Dr. Truesdale declined my offernand said he would not refund the money. Even with my extreme fear of beingnoperated on a third time, I want to have this corrected because I am repulsednand appalled at my appearance when I look into the mirror. This has affectednevery aspect of my life and the lives of my family members. I am severelyndepressed and my marriage is now suffering as a direct result of this. I have anhair business that has required that I close down already for about three weeksnand now it is likely that I will be closed down another week. These has cost mengreatly in expense and in mental anguish not to mention the pain I now have tonlive with, the disturbance to my sleep from the hard implants and the bruisingnthat is recurring over and again on my left breast. I am currently in the process of pursuing this through legalnchannels. I feel that although my request for a refund will not compensate menfor the pain and suffering that I now endure, I am willing to settle this withnDr. Truesdale. Else, I will then be forced to pursue this legally. I am currently talking to two differentnattorneys about this case. I also would want to warn other prospective patientsnthat would consider using Dr. Truesdales services through other meansnavailable to me such as media. I know that it was my choice to choose cosmetic surgery, butnit was to enhance my appearance, not the opposite. I have before and afternpictures of my breasts and stomach if you would care to see them. I amndisgusted by their appearance and if the truth be known so is my husbandnalthough he will not say anything to me. I can tell because he no longer wantsnto touch my breasts or stomach. I humbly request that if you can have any bearing on aidingnme in rectifying my situation, then I would be forever appreciative.

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