Greentree Alexander Arkansas Review


I bought a house and financed it through conseco finance my loan was sold without notice to greentree, I paid an extra $100 a month for a while or when I could, but the $100 never reflected on my account upon contacting them I was treated like I was stupid, when I did get behind my phone did not stop ringing even after making good $1500 they still called and said I was behind, I now have had this home for 9 years still owing $23,000 i have allready paid over $30,000 on this house, #1 they delivered the wrong home I ordered a 3 bedroom and got a 2 bedroom they refused to send me a copy of the contract, finally when I received the contract it looked very strange, the house I have was on sale for $18,000 it was a 2 bedroom 14×66 im paying $24,000 +13% int, the one I ordered a 16×80 3 bedroom was $24,000, I tried to get them to take back the home and bring the one I ordered, they refused and when I got the contract it was different. nthe house is falling apart, I had to replace all the light fixtures, the water lines were messed up in the 2nd bathrm when they put it together they pinched a gasket which leaked every time the water was turned on in the tub did not know this until the wall started turning black and colapsed, that whole wall had to be replaced at my expence, insurance refused to pay, the water line hooking to the sink in the front bath started leaking in between the cabinet and the floor ruined the wall in the living room and hall insurance refused to pay saying it was wear and tare, carpet in the living room started getting holes in it only after 1 year it had to be replaced at my expence, the windows leak, now they are rotten I called the company they said i should open them up to stop the swetting in between, this does not work because you cant keep the house warm, cold air blows through the sockets throughout the whole house, all the plugins are on one circuit breaker, so you cant use the outdoor outlets without throwing the breaker, the outlets are falling out of the walls their suggestion was put a popsickle stick in behind the plastick to hold it in, “I don’t think so!”” nthe front door has allways sagged air leaks through the bottom

because the door is smaller than the frame cant replace it because its such an odd size

the windows in the front room broke jagged they were supposed to be safety glass

the screen door on the front does not shut right

the duct work on the house has gaps in it where all the heat goes out under the house

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