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Gregory Jackson (ebay used name gregjackson27) bought a pair of black Vertx pants from me size 34. The tag reads 34 X 36 but in the listing I clearly write that these are irregular with the inseam at 34.5″. I bought and sold several of these in bulk and have had 0 complaints until this point. It is my educated assessment that the buyer did not read the section where it states the actual measurements and thought that they would be longer. Upon receipt the buyer contacted me to say that they are very long and he would need to have them hemmed but declined to return them upon my suggestion insinuating that he’d like me to pay for his hemming. I requested a photo of the inseam and I was shocked upon receipt of two photos shown below. One is a close up of a tag showing 36 X 36 telling me he still doesn’t see the section where it states the pants are 34.5″ The other photo is nothing more of an insult to one’s intelligence. | He’s taken a photo of a measuring tape on a black dog hair covered item in an arbitrary spot on the jeans, not even showing the inseam. To add insult to injury the tape measure starts on 31.5″ and ends at 39″ . We went ahead and sent him the actual photo of the inseam being taken on the same pants and sent it to him. He ignored it. He never sent the item back but instead gave me a now removed negative stating that I sent him the wrong size pants and that I refused to work with him on a return although he refused to send the item back.

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