Greta Southern Water Treatment Orlando, FL Review


In 2009, my wife and I had 2 representatives of Puronics, a water treatment company that was selling water softeners come to our home to test our water. During the test, we were convinced that we needed the water softener by the reps and decided to buy it for the extraordinary amount of $7999.00, that also included a lifetime maintenance and a 5 year supply of cleaning products, shampoos and body wash. Of course I knew nothing about water softeners and as completely led astray by this company. Besides agreeing to pay full price, when the system itself costs only $1,000 and realizing that there was nothing special about the system, I noticed that the rock salt was not going down. I called Puronics and at that time they sent out a technician, who told me the 1st installation wasn’t done properly. I called Puronics and talked to I guess “Al””

if you see other complaints with his name you would know that this is the owner/con-man that runs this company. He told me that they would service my system for life because of the mistake. I was satisfied for the time but when I decided to move

I called Puronics once again

the customer rep told me that it would cost $250 to move the system from one house to the other. I told her that that was “”unacceptable”” and wanted it done for free

since I had life-time maintenance

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