Group Health Cooperative Reviews & Complaints


Don’t ever go to Group Health if you value your life or your families. I have never encountered a more disorganized unprofessional group of people in my life. My husband went in to see them and they ordered all kinds of tests. Came up with some bolonga about how sick he was. They then reordered the same tests again and came back with totally different results. The lines are always long even if you have an appointment. The Doctors are inexperienced. My doctor recently finished her internship. The staff says many changes are occurring do to cut costs. They seem like highly stressed health care workers, like when you finish up a long shift and can’t wait to get out of there. The billing department can’t get anything correct. My friend Rosie was build for a surgery that she did not have. I would not like to go under anesthesia and hope they get everything right. Truly a scary place to have to go. We are changing back to our original provider as soon as we can.

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