Grzegorz Lukasz Nowicki Review


Grzegorz Nowicki defrauded me of over USD 100,000. I lent him the money for a joint real estate purchase in Poland in 2007 and signed a contract with him. He rented the place and then soon stopped sending me the rental payments in 2008. He dropped out of sight. I sued him in 2010 in federal court in the District of Columbia and won a default judgement after he evaded service. His girlfriend (now possibly wife) Sarah Schoendienst abetted him, lying to a private investigator about his whereabouts. At the time, he was living in the United States illegally, although he may have settled his immigration status by marrying Ms. Schoendienst, an American. | Please see | | for the 2010 judgement and opinion on the lawsuit. | I later domesticated this judgement in Poland. | Grzegorz Nowicki and his parents Barbara Nowicki and Grzegorz Nowicki, who had continued to rent the property and keep the rent for themselves, fought me every step of the way with frivolous motions. However, the courts in Poland forced a foreclosure of the property and an auction. I received about USD 37,000 in 2016. Just before the final auction in 2016, Grzegorz Nowicki had a lawyer contact both my lawyer in Washington, DC and my lawyer in Poland to claim that I had amicably settled the matter with him out of court. He and his family were hoping to squeeze money out of me until the very end. | Grzegorz Nowicki is a sleazy man and an alcoholic. He uses people to finance his lifestyle, which includes a riding horses. He used to work for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but he lost his job because of his alcoholism and related problems. He has been hospitalized for psychiatric problems. Unfortunately, his devious conman behavior has not improved over the years, judging by the sleazy tactics he has continued to employ.

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