GSCM Collections Brooklyn New York Review


I am filing this report on behalf of my elderly mother. She received a collections letter from a company she did not order from. About a year ago she received a shipment of Green Coffee Bean Max that she never ordered. I told her it seemed like a scam and we went about changing her debit card number so no more money could be taken from her account. We tried to send this back but could not contact the company, which by the way, is the same name as the collection company!! My mother is 83 years old and she is nervous that something will happen to her credit because of this. However, I refuse to pay for something she neither ordered nor needs….especially since we could not return this. This seems like an incredible scam, especially because of the fact that an elderly person could be scammed out of a lot of money because they are not as aware of scams, as younger people are. I do not like the fact that someone may be preying on my mother!! Thank you for your help in this matter.

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