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Gulf Brokers stole $15,000 from me!!!

Gulf Brokers scam

I lost FIFTEEN FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS because of Gulf Brokers. It was the money I had accumulated in my trading account. They just never processed my withdrawal request. They kept the money and gave me a bunch of pathetic excuses. AVOID GULF BROKERS. That’s the best measure you can take against these scammers.

About Gulf Brokers:

GulfBrokers is a Seychelles based online Forex brokerage. They are owned by “GULF BROKERS DMCC” and operate from Dubai. I wonder how these criminals are still allowed to run an operation like this. These people should be rotting in jail. They are a bunch of notorious scammers. Unfortunately, I didn’t know their reality. I was looking for a trustworthy broker and they were the ones who caught my eye. They have multiple trading instruments and currencies available there so it made me feel like they are credible. The mistake I made was not checking their reputation before handing them my money.

They have a very authentic-looking website and even a mobile app for those who use smartphones more than their laptops. To enhance their deceptive appearance, they have added tons of content on their website about trading and related topics. It makes them appear like they are real experts which they certainly aren’t. They claim they are regulated by the Financial Services Authority, which I think is another big fat lie. If they were really regulated, they wouldn’t scam their customers.

The most astonishing detail on their website is the ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’. Their insurance is another big scam. They will deduct money from your trading account and call it ‘insurance premium’. Gulf Brokers are running a major scam and all the things you see on their website and app are lies. They are only meant to steal from you.

How GulfBrokers stole my $15k:

I found out about GulfBrokers through their website. Like I said before, I hadn’t hired a broker before so I had no experience. I went through a number of websites and they were the ones who caught my eye. I’ve already mentioned before how they seem legit online. I contacted those people and they gave me a response within a day. They told me about their services and asked me how much I was planning to invest. They kept telling me about their high-quality service and how they can help me get high returns.

After hearing their sugar-coated words, I chose to hire them. I opened a trading account with them and made a deposit of $50 at first. They called me and told me that they can help me get 10x returns through their technical analyses if I just follow their advice. I went on to invest around $10,000 into their different schemes. The total balance of my Gulf Brokers trading account had reached $15,000. It took a lot of months to turn my $10,000 into $15,000 but I was happy with the result and chose to withdraw my money. I also had some personal requirements for which I needed that money. Things took a bad turn as soon as I requested a withdrawal. These scammers didn’t process my withdrawal request!

I was told that I’d get my money within 14 days when I entered my withdrawal request. I thought something was fishy at that moment. These people were taking too long to transfer my funds but I chose to wait. Those two weeks passed and I didn’t get anything. So I contacted the customer support of Gulf Brokers. They told me that it was some technical issue and they’d release my funds as soon as possible. I waited for a week but nothing happened. By this time, I had gotten mad. These people were avoiding the transfer of my funds and I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I complained to the customer support again and demanded that they transfer my funds within a day. They stopped replying. They notified me a few days later that they had deducted the entire balance of my trading account for some reason. I can’t express the level of anger I had at that time. I tried getting their ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’ but they told me that according to the policy, my situation wasn’t eligible for that.

I’ve tried everything but I couldn’t get access to those $15,000. Gulf Brokers are a bunch of fat liars and thieves who believe in scamming people. They make money by stealing from others. I recommend avoiding them at all costs. Gulf Brokers act all nice and friendly in the beginning to suck out all the money you have. Once they have your money, they’ll stop caring about you and your interests. I made a huge mistake by not checking their online reputation. I found later that they have plenty of negative reviews online. Many people have faced a variety of issues with these people. Gulf Brokers are notorious because of their malicious practices.

They have scammed many others:

I found articles online stating the reality of Gulf Brokers recently. I was looking for some advice on my situation and I wanted to see if there were other people who had faced such issues with Gulf Brokers. To my surprise, there are many victims of these vicious scammers. People have pointed out that the terms and conditions of Gulf Brokers are shady and have plenty of loopholes so they can exploit them. I have added a bunch of important links below so you can check other people’s reviews of these thieves.

Gulf Brokers Review 2021 Conclusion

I shared my experience here in the hope that some people would be saved from these thieves. Losing money sucks and it gets worse when you’ve worked hard for it. Don’t do any business with these scammers and you’ll be safe. You can spread awareness about Gulf Brokers by telling other people too. The more people know about these scammers the better. Thank you for reading.

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