Gustavo Mendoza – Herndon, Virginia Men


This is Eric Mendoza who decided it was ok to move in on a married woman that has three kids and an amazing husband who works hard to provide for his family. Although he knows she is married and has seen her husband on many occasions, he used his Peruvian charm to woo Kira Wells and start a relationship for a couple months. When her husband found out and tried to help her get away from Gus, by having her and their children go to Idaho and stay with her parents, Gus bought her a plane ticket and met her in Huntington Beach, California where the had sex multiple times… after she told her husband that “Gustavo is a good guy.” And “he is so spiritual.”… in October she told her husband that she would try harder to commit to him so the decided for her and the kids to go back to Virginia. Once Gus found out she was back in town he started moving back in and trying to wreck things. This doesn’t sound like a “Godly man” to me.

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