GWC Warranty Review


There should be no animals “sold” in stores. Cats and dogs should only be acquired from reputable hobby breeders, shelters, or rescue groups. For decades, I (and countless others) have worked in legislative fields, trying to have pet stores made illegal. In short, there isn’t a reputable breeder, on the face of this planet, who’d put one of his/her little ones in a cage, where it could be purchased by any pointy-headed weirdo who walks in. By definition, all animals sold in pet stores come from disreputable sources. I go by my local P.J’s Pet Centres and am sickened by the people smiling and cooing at the helpless creatures held cative there; brought into the world by uncaring louts whose only motivation is money. (Good breeders usually lose money, once all the health & genetic testing is done, plus the travel costs to pair one animal’s strengths with another’s weaknesses…you know…the goal of responsible breeding…to improve the breed.) I’m dumbfounded that, in 2011, there are still people (MANY PEOPLE) who still support irresponsible breeding practices and animal cruelty, by making purchases at pet stores. There are so many awesome pet supply stores, and so many reputable shelters and rescue groups. There are truly reputable breeders, as well. …But none of them “sell” through a pet shop. At the very least, anyone who cares about an animal’s welfare would do some kind of screening, reference checks, a home visit, before a potential adoptee/buyer is approved. Not only is this something that doesn’t happen with retail sales, by law it can’t. A store can’t refuse to sell to a lawful customer with the means to pay. I dare say most reputable breeders, shelters, and rescues deny more applications than they approve. Not everyone, nor every home, is suitable for pet ownership…which is why ethical people always, always, always screen before allowing someone to take an animal home. I, too, hope P.J’s, and all other “businesses” selling living beings, are made illegal and shut down.

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