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A few days ago, I purchased 2 bottles of half gallon of soy bean milk from H Mart in Plano. I bag them along with the rest of the my groceries in the thermo bag and carrying home as I always do. I put them immediately in the refrigerator once I got home (20 minutes of driving distance). When I made the purchase, both bottles were sealed, and the expiration date were marked 14 days from the date of purchase. Next evening, I opened one bottle, surprisingly found out that soy bean milk was totally rotten, it was solid like a rotten tofu. A day later, I brought them back to return or exchange, but I was told “fresh produce return policy got to be made within 24 hours”, and my return date was already exceeding 24 hours, so I can’t get any refund nor exchange. This is so REDICULOUS! H Mart sold me the rotten food from the beginning. Both bottles were sealed and expiration date were well marked, how am I supposed to know they were rotten? Am I supposed to open every single bottle to check right away once I got home? H Mart kept arguing with me the return was not made within 24 hours. Now I remember when I made the purchase, these two bottles were the only two left in that section marked with the same expiration date. I think H Mart was just trying to get rid of that two rotten bottles and they knew people won’t opened the seal right away since they were well marked with the expiration date. Sealed bottles are not like fresh meat, vegetables, or fruits that you know immediately whether they were rotten or not. I left my two bottles of rotten soy bean milk there, and told them I won’t come back. Two bottles of soy bean milk worth only a few dollars, it’s nothing comparing to hundred that I spent each week there. I feel sorry for the reputation that H Mart lost forever in my heart. .

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