Hacienda Tres Rios Review


During our vacation in July 2018, we were subjected to a high pressure sales pitch by PuraVida Club Lifestyle at Hacienda Tres Rios. It was a vacation package which promised us vacation weeks on their properties and access to a discount platform and amounted to $6,495. We have attempted to cancel it few days after finding out about the administration fees but they keep on pushing and advised that they will not refund the deposit of $2,450 that has since charged our card. We proceeded reluctantly and encountered very stressful conversation with their representatives. We requested cancellation due to the following grounds: | Poor customer service and lack of response to queries leading to mental and emotional stress of customer. | Non-disclosure of relevant material facts such as “activation fees” of $150 every time you use the benefit week. | Online platform and access was provided to date. | Nobody calls us back, the replies were rude and it is clearly a SCAM!!!!!! Please DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT ruin your vacation and be fooled by these foolss. Our hard-earned money is gone, we are medically challenged family but they dont care about that. So please, i am warning you to stay away from these crooks at HAcienda Tres Trios and Pura Vida!!!!

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