Haier America Westland Michigan Review


I purchased a Haier washing machine in January of 2011, within the year the washer malfunctioned….flooding my basement in the process. Since the product was still under warranty, I called Haier to report the issue. nInitially, Haier was extremely helpful….assuring me that the washer would be repaired or replaced with the same model or even an upgraded model if, in the unlikely event, my model was not available. I received a call from Haier stating they need to get the washer out of my home because it is considered a liability to their company…(I was told I would only be without a washer for 1 week) So within a week, my washer was back at Haier and deemed “unrepairable?.”” nTwo weeks passed

so I decided to follow up on my claim’. I spoke to Travis at Haier customer service

who assured me that my order was processed

and a trucking company would be contacting me to set up a date to deliver a new washer. Another week went by

and I didn’t hear from the trucking company or Haier

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